Second Grade Review

Comprehensive Second Grade Review Packet Perfect practice pages for school breaks Is this happening in your house? *Are you searching for materials to reinforce what your child is learning? *Do you want your kids to practice but don’t know what to use? *Are you worried about keeping your child’s skills …

How much should my Toddler be talking

How much should my Toddler be talking?   Many parents question “How much should my child be talking?  They are unsure what consists of a “word” and what is babbling.  Language development happens in at different age groups and stages.  How much should my toddler be talking can be explained …

Toddler Movement Challenge

Toddler Movement Challenge  Get your toddler moving, releasing energy and learning all at the same time.  Release Energy Toddlers need movement-based, whole-body approach to learning. Toddlers need a way to release energy and learn at the same time. No need for a lot of space All activities can be done …