30 Gifts for Easter Baskets (they are sure to love) that don’t include Candy

Finding a gift for your little one’s Easter Basket that doesn’t include Candy


Are you tired of getting the same stuff for their Easter baskets?  Candy seems like the go-to item for Easter baskets.  Instead of candy get items for Easter that your kids can have fun with over and over.  It’s better to give a gift kids can play with rather than eat.  Believe me, I love chocolate, but these items will last longer and bring joy to your kids.  Surprise your kids with these items your children are sure to love. Use this list to find the perfect gifts for Easter.



Colored eggs and flowers. Getting gifts for Easter that don't include candy.

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If you are looking for personalized gifts and Easter baskets go to TV’s Toy Box  This site has character items and can be personalized.  Kids love to get items with their names on it.  You can make the Easter basket even more exciting with their favorite character.  Get a personalized, character Easter basket at TV’s Toy Box.


I’m not one to go crazy when filling my kids Easter Baskets.  I think a few items that they will truly enjoy is all they need.  I want to help you find those perfect Easter gifts without spending a ton of money.  Many of these items you can get between $5 and $10.  All gifts are under $30.  Most of the items listed you can use for children of all ages.  Some of the items are geared toward younger children.



If you are rushed for time and worried that you won’t be able to get what you want to fill your kids Easter basket you can get a pre-filled basket.  You can find baskets in their favorite characters that are filled with fun activities.  This basket is filled with a frisbee, rocket launcher, tennis rackets, and a ball, throw darts and candy.


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Here are 30 gifts under $30 to fill Easter Baskets that don’t include candy


  • DVDs


  • Coloring  Books



  • Crayons



  • Markers


  • Finger paints or Paints and paint brushes



  • Dot Paint


Tip: If you don’t want some of these activities done in the house,  use them for outdoor fun.


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  • Playdough



  • Bubbles



  • Chalk



Get personalized Easter bags for your kids.  We use ours for egg hunts.  Never lose your child’s bag again.

Easter 2018




  • Books



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  • Legos (small packs)




  • ChapStick




  • Character cups or plates



  • Water Bottle- good for all ages



  • Bath toys



  • Stuffed animal



  • Hats


  • Jump Rope



  • Tickets to a Movie- everyone loves the movies




  • Nail Polish



  • Blankets




  • Phone case (for the teenager in your life)



  • Matchbox cars



  • Pajamas



  • Puzzles



  • Mad Lips or Joke Book



  • Slippers




  • Flip-Flops or Sandals



  • Sun Glasses



  • A Subscription to a Magazine- This is a personal family favorite.  I give magazine subscriptions as gifts to family members of all ages.  My son loves Kids National Geographic Magazine.  In addition to National Geographic, you can find magazines for any family member at Best Deal Magazines. Here is a link for Best Deal Magazines Children’s Magazines.



I hope you enjoyed this list of 30 Gifts for Easter that don’t include candy


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What are some things you fill your kids Easter baskets with?  If I missed something comment below and share your tips.



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  1. All fab ideas! Although I’ve never really been into Easter enough to make a gift basket, I think it’s a nice idea for kids. Especially as the Easter holidays will be approaching. I think crafty things is a very Spring / Easter thing to do (: xxx

  2. Such great ideas!! Xx

  3. Lynne Madden says:

    Fab ideas! xx

    1. ExploreKidTalk says:

      Thank you. I hope it helps when thinking of gifts.

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