60 Engaging Summer Activities for Children for 60 Days of Summer

Daily Activities to keep Busy all Summer Long

Summer is a time for being together without having to worry about homework, studying and tests. You can spend time with your family and enjoy each other’s company. To help you plan for summer fun here is a list of engaging summer activities.


Download and print out your checklist. Use this checklist to help plan what you will do today, tomorrow and all week.


60 engaging summer activities for kids

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In this list, I included many activities that you don’t need to pay for. Going places can add up if you do it all summer.  These activities will keep your kids busy and having fun.  Here are summer activities for children that you can do inside and outside.  Make sure to print out your summer activities checklist. 60 Summer Activities for 60 days of summer.


Doing different things and going to different places you are bonding with your children.  Just being together is what’s important.  Therefore creating lasting memories for your whole family.  Your children are also learning and growing from these experiences. You don’t have to go on vacation and leave your hometown to experience new and exciting things.


Show your kids that you don’t need a place with activities build in to have a good time. Go outside and see all the wonderful things you can do right in your backyard.  Enjoy the days without kids having a schedule.  Make the days easy and fun at the same time.  For dinner keep things easy as well.  Our go-to for summertime is the grill.


Download and print out your checklist. Use this checklist to help plan what you will do today, tomorrow and all week.



Be together. Laugh together. Have fun and enjoy!!


Here are 60 Activities for 60 days of Summer

Outdoor Summer Activities

*Go for a walk

*Nature Scavenger Hunt

*Draw with chalk


summer activities

*Go to a park

*Blow Bubbles

*Play in a water table.

Tip: If you don’t have one make your own. Make a water table with a plastic bin.  Throw in toys, measuring cups, plastic cups and go for it.



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*Plant a tree


                                       “Get messy, make mistakes and have fun.”

*Enjoy a bike ride

*Have a picnic

*Sleep outside

*Water Balloon Fight

*Play Frisbee


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*Take Pictures

*Run through Sprinklers

*Fly a kite

*Roast Marshmallows and make s’mores

*Wash the car

*Mini Golf

*The Zoo

* Sell Lemonade

* Go to a carnival or fair.  Go on a ride that you were scared of last year.

* Spend the day at the Beach

*Go swimming

* Berry Picking

*Balloon Tennis

*Start a garden

Indoor Summer Activities

*Build a fort

*Watch a movie

*Show your kids your favorite movie (family appropriate of course)

*Board Games



60 Engaging Summer Activities for kids


*Reading– Start a bucket list of books for the summer and use the packet below to print out your reading challenge.

Get your reading readiness packet here.  Included is a reading log, reading challenge, guaranteed way to find the right book and reading tips to have your kids enjoy reading.


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60 Summer Activities for Kids



* Crosswords and Wordsearch- You can make your own here for free- https://crosswordhobbyist.com/


*Go Roller Skating



*Do Science Experiments

*Make dough and clay- Recipes to make your own dough

*Build something together

*Make crafts


Download and print out your checklist. Use this checklist to help plan what you will do today, tomorrow and all week.




*Complete Mad Lips

*Play I Spy or 20 Questions

*Learn something new (Last year my son learned how to play chess.  This year he is learning to ride a bike without training wheels.)

*Write a story


60 Engaging Summer Activities for Kids


*Make something from cardboard boxes – robot, house, car


*Visit an aquarium



“Whatever you do have fun.”


* Make your own pizza

*Take a class (Parents and children can take a class together or by themselves.)

* Watch a new TV series

*Have a cousin sleepover


60 Engaging Summer Activities for Kids


*Make a sundae bar and have ice cream for dinner

*Create videos of each other dancing, singing

*Have a dress-up party

* Make a scrapbook or photo album

*Exercise Together

* Re-connect with each other with a whole day of no screens.  Parents too. No computers, no IPAD, and no phones.  It’s a great way to detach from technology, regroup and enjoy what you have.  Show your children that being with them is all you need to have a wonderful day.  Children learn from imitation.



Go over the list with your children.  Print out the checklist below.  Have a conversation and see which activities they want to do the most. Which ones get them excited? What activities do they talk about and ask when?  Write them on a chalkboard or whiteboard so they have something to look forward too.  After you have done those activities, move onto more. The fun is never ending with these engaging summer activities.


Remember whatever it is you choose to do, being together is the important part.  Building memories you and your children will cherish.  The summer is the perfect time to start new family traditions.


Here is a checklist with most of the items listed above.  Use this checklist to help plan what you will do today, tomorrow and all week.

Click below for the checklist.

60 Activities for 60 Days of Summer



I’d love to hear which summer activities your family loves.  Which one did you enjoy the most?


60 Engaging Summer Activities for Children for 60 Days of Summer




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    We love forts! (Especially fan forts in the summer. 🙂 )

  2. Rebekah says:

    We love to build things at our house. This is a great list! Thanks for Sharing

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