Best Movement and Action Videos on Amazon Prime Kids

Amazon Prime Kids Movies for Movement

Do you have Amazon Prime?  I am just finding these great videos to get your kids moving that are part of Amazon Prime Kids. Kids need to move and release energy more than you might think.  You can’t always go outside. It’s too cold, or too hot or you just don’t feel like it today. Kids get antsy when they sit all day.  Exercise and movement help children focus better too.


Animal movement cards for toddler movement activities

Kids don’t need to go to a gym, run or lift weights. Kids need to play and move.  Exercise doesn’t have to be done in one specific way.  We need to change the way we teach our kids about exercise.


Amazon Prime Kids Movement

If you have Amazon Prime then all these videos are free.  They do offer other videos that you have to pay for.  Though there are so many that are included in Prime there’s really no need to pay for extra videos.  You can put a quick movement video on while you make dinner.


I don’t allow my kids to watch a lot of TV.  Exercise videos and kids movement videos are a different way for kids to get moving.  Amazon Prime Kids has many videos to choose from to make exercise more fun.  You don’t need to use these videos each day, just as a way to switch things up.


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Print out these animal movement cards for a fun way to get moving.


Why is Exercise Important for Kids?

Physical activity needs to be a key part of everyday life for our children.  Getting kids used to exercise will lay the foundation for a healthy life. Movement activities don’t have to be boring or something that they don’t want to do.  It should be fun and engaging.  Regular exercise for kids is crucial for development.

  • It helps to reduce overweight and obesity
  • Increases strength in muscles and bones
  • Helps to improve concentration at school
  • Associated with improved behavior at school
  • Physical and brain development go together
  • Exercise help improve gross motor skills in children
  • Exercise decreases symptoms of depression and anxiety in children.


For more reasons about the benefits of children exercising read this article from the American Council on Exercise.




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Kids need to exercise every day.  Use the animal movement cards and these videos to help get your child moving and releasing energy.



Movement Shows for Toddlers


The stretching and Exercise Song-funny song for children

This show has a little girl and boy doing the movements. It’s colorful and easy to follow along.



Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

The classic song with a cute cartoon.



Baby Shark

The well-known song that all parents have a love/ hate relationship with.  Baby Shark by Ping Fong is a song we have all heard a million times.  Here you can hear the song and watch a cute video.  Teach your child to use their arms and pretend to be a shark.  Make sure to run away at the end.


For more ways to get your child moving at home, sign up for the Toddler Movement Challenge.




Movement Songs for kids


Woman standing in front of a rainbow for Yoga Adventures. Action songs for kids

Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

This is a series.  It’s a young woman who tells stories and you move along with the story.  Each episode goes to a different place from the woods and a forest to Hawaii and wonderland.  These stretching exercises will help improve flexibility.


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Kids E.D.G.E. workouts, Karate

This is a series.  Karate videos with an instructor and kids doing the movements.  He is easy to understand and gives step by step instructions.



Standing Ovation Dance Party

Perfect show to learn dance moves.  The instructor tells you the moves slowly and then puts them all together at a fast pace.  Learn real dance moves at home.



Kids Cardio Workout- Jenny Ford- Beginner

You learn 5 moves step by step and then put them together.  It’s a great cardio video for kids.  Easy moves that any kid can follow.



Pop It!

These are dance and exercise videos.  Young kids are the instructors with other kids following along.  They play pop songs to help you get up and move.


If you don’t have Prime yet, be sure to sign up.  Click on the picture below.



Toddler and Preschool Movement Songs

You don’t always need to use videos to get moving.  Play some songs that will naturally have your kids moving and jumping around.  If you have the Echo from Amazon or Pandora you can play all these songs easily.  These songs combine learning and movement.  Play some music and dance around.

1. Baby Shark
Baby Shark is a favorite among all children. Show them how to make arms like a shark and run away.

2. Wheels on the Bus

3. Ring around the Rosie

4. Shake my Sillies Out

5. Hokey Pokey

6. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

7. Freeze Dance

8. Going on a Bear Hunt

This is a bonus one because it’s also a book. Read the book then act it out.

9. If You’re Happy and You Know It

10. 5 Little Speckled Frogs
Jump and Hop like a frog.

11. The Chicken Dance
Do you remember this one? Teach it to your little one.


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What are some fun ways you get your kids moving?  Comment below and share.


Amazon Prime Kids videos to get up and move



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Boy jumping. Movement songs for kids

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