How to help a child with anxiety about going back to school

Starting school Jitters

Starting school is scary. Whether your child is going to school for the first time or they’re seasoned veterans, first days are not always smooth sailing. Summer is over. Children experience a vast array of emotions from sweaty palms to anxiety. Starting school, making friends, a new classroom, a new teacher or even a new building are worrisome to young people.  Having anxiety about going back to school is common.

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How to help a child with anxiety about going back to school
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Nerves, jitters, or anxiety are normal emotions for kids of all ages when going back to school. To ease reintroduction to the school year here are tips to calm those nerves. In addition, a book list to share stories about going to school.

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Tips on how to help a nervous child when going back to school


1- Talk and Prepare

How to help a child with anxiety about going back to school.


Talk with your child and importantly, listen to them.  Ask what’s bothering them or what they are worried about. Be sure to acknowledge their fears and concerns. It’s hard for children to always express their feelings.  If they may not be able to express to you what’s wrong. That’s ok. Reassure your child and let them know that it’s ok to be nervous.  It’s completely normal to feel this way when going back to school.

Discuss with your child 2-3 weeks before school starts about the upcoming changes. Drive to the school so they can see it. Show them which door they will walk through and where you will pick them up. If they take the bus then bring them to the bus stop. Do this a few times so they are familiar by the time the first day rolls around.

Once you know your child’s teacher mention it each day. Even briefly you can say “Mrs. Smith would love to hear that you read new books this summer”.  If your child is in preschool have them draw a picture of their school.


Make sure to get labels for all your children’s items. Things easily get lost or forgotten about.  Using labels is the best way to make sure your child brings home their items.


2- Have your child help in the getting ready process

How to help a child with anxiety about going back to school.


Let your child pick out their backpack and lunchbox. A favorite character or bright colors will make it more exciting for them. Take your child with you for back to school clothes. This allows them to have some independence and find something they want to wear. Kids will have an easier time getting dressed in the morning when they’ve chosen what they can wear. Have your child put all the supplies in their bag and help label them.

Allowing your children to be involved in the process will help them feel more in control. When you have a sense of control it helps to take away the nerves.



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3-Start a routine early

How to help a child with anxiety about going back to school

Don’t wait till the night before to have bedtime again. Gradually ease into a school routine two weeks before the first day. Go back to having a regular bedtime, a time they wake up, eating and getting dressed in the morning.

Reestablish morning and nighttime routines. It takes time to readjust to following a schedule again. Bedtimes, getting dressed and routines are essential for a successful school year.

4- Friends

How to help a child with anxiety about going back to school.


Reach out to other parents to see if your kids have the same teacher this. If your child is older have them reach out to see who they have classes with and discuss schedules.

It’s a common fear of not knowing anybody in a new situation. Knowing that (Brian, Mike or Emma) will be in the same class will help release some anxiety. It allows your child to picture these children in class with them.  It doesn’t have to be a close friend (that would be terrific). Any other peer that they know or friend helps ease the transition.


5-Read together 

How to help a child with anxiety about going back to school

Read books to show how others were nervous or scared about starting school. Discuss that many kids feel the same way. Nervous about school starting is a common fear at any age.


6-Visit the School or look at pictures

 If the school allows you to, take advantage of seeing the school and hopefully the new classroom.  If you can’t go inside the school be sure to drive to the school and show your child which door they enter and leave school. You can also take a picture of the school to put in our child’s room.  You can attach it to a piece of paper and write “my new school.” 


Here is a book list that’s perfect for discussing starting school with kids.


Fabulous Books about being nervous when starting school


The Kissing Hand    by Audrey Penn


First Day of School Jitters   by Julie Danneberg



Curious George First Day of School  by H.A. Rey



Clifford’s First Day of School   by Norman Bridwell



Clifford’s Goes to Kindergarten   by Norman Bridwell



The Night Before Preschool   by Natasha Wing



The Night Before Kindergarten   by Nathasha Wing



Daniel Goes to School (Daniel Tiger)   by Becky Friedman



Kindergarten Here I Come!    by D.J. Steinberg



The Berenstain Bears Get Ready for School   by Mike Berenstain



The Berenstain Bears Go to School  by Stan Berenstain



The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to School   by Deborah Diesen and Dan Hanna



Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School   by Herman Parish



Little Critter: First Day of School



Wemberly Worried Paperback       by Kevin Henkes



Read these books each year a few weeks before school starts.  Get the kids back into a daily routine and ready for school.  Following the strategies above will help starting school easier for you and your child.


What are some things you do at home to prepare for a new school year?


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  1. Nessly Hamoy says:

    It is a must to prepare a kid for school setting. We have to keep in mind that they still need to adapt and so they need the support. Your tips on how to help them really makes a difference. Thank you for sharing.

    1. ExploreKidTalk says:

      It is a must to prepare our children for school. Sometimes it’s overlooked that children sometimes have anxiety about going back to school. Each year is a new world that brings on more nerves. I hope this helps.

  2. Sara says:

    A great resource for those moms struggling to deal with this anxiety issues among children ..

    1. ExploreKidTalk says:

      Thank you. I hope parents turn here to help their child feel better about starting school. When a child is anxious it takes time to calm and reassure them. These strategies will help ease anxiety about going back to school.

  3. So many kids struggle with anxiety these days. It is important that parents take the time to talk to them so they can help them start the school year with less stress. School doesn’t have to be a scary thing! Often they are simply scared because of the unknown and talking about it can help them feel more comfortable.

    1. ExploreKidTalk says:

      It’s so true. Kids have anxiety about going to a new school, or a new classroom, and many times making friends. Having anxiety about going back to school is a common fear. Parents can take these simple steps to ease their nerves.

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