Is your Baby Monitor being hacked and ways to prevent it


A baby monitor is a way to keep eyes on your child when you’re not right there.  Baby monitors are a wonderful way to help parents feel better that they can see their baby when awake or asleep.  Though you don’t want anybody else seeing through that monitor. Unfortunately, baby monitors being hacked is something that isn’t rare.  Here are strategies to help prevent your baby monitor being hacked into.


It’s a terrifying thought of someone hacking into your monitor.  When someone hacks into your baby monitor it’s mostly not for the purpose to see your baby, but instead, gain access to your password for other devices. Hackers know that you will probably use the same password for your baby monitor as your phone or computer.  That’s what they are looking for.


You need to protect your house and your family.


Crying baby girl.  Use these tips to prevent your Baby Monitor from being hacked.
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The world we live in today is all based on technology.  Police say that it’s a common problem and occurs often.  It is quite difficult to prevent someone from hacking into your WIFI. This is a problem that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.


For both my kids I used a simple monitor with no extra features.  It’s a black and white monitor that does not hook up to my phone or internet and only allows me to see one or two rooms. This is what my husband and I felt was best.  I didn’t want any WIFI feature.  Truly you don’t need those other features.


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The point of the baby monitor is to check on your baby when they sleep, see if they’ve fallen asleep and check to see if they are awake.


Parents and families need to take steps to make their devices be as secure as possible.




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Here are the steps to follow to prevent your baby monitor being hacked into.


Newborn baby crying.  Tips to protect your baby monitor getting hacked and ways to prevent it.



10 Tips to have better safety with your Baby Monitor:


-Continue to check the manufactures website

-Do research and make sure the manufacturers are active when addressing security issues.

-Register your baby monitor so you get notified of problems or updates.

-Download new software or updates for your product anytime they become available.

-Use a STRONG Home password and security settings to reduce your vulnerability. Change the password that’s on the device immediately.  Don’t use this password for any other device you own.  It is suggested to use a long and complex password that would be difficult to figure out. Mean no kids names, street or your pet. Something that no one would be able to figure out.

-The more complicated the device, the easier it is to hack

-Select the minimum number of features- with more features comes more risk

-Have a device that only streams in your home

-Turn off the device when not in use

**Have a monitor that does not connect to the internet



Parents Knowledge

When you are in need of a baby monitor ask yourself I question first “do I really need to see my baby from outside the house?”  If the answer to this one question is “no” then you don’t need a monitor that has WIFI.  That makes things much easier. If the answer is “yes” then make sure you are taking the proper steps to prevent your baby monitor getting hacked into.


Parents are not always aware that this could happen.  People may not think this is a possibility.  Sadly, it’s a real possibility and happens all over the world. The list of baby monitors being hacked continues to grow.


You need to think of your monitor (if connected to WIFI) just as you do your computer.  People don’t normally think this way about baby monitors.  On your computer, you don’t have your password as 1234 because we know that’s crazy.  You need to have a STRONG and LONG password for your baby monitor as well.  As you update software on your computer you need to do updates on the monitor as well.


Use these tips to help keep your baby monitor safer.  Make sure you are taking the sufficient steps necessary to secure your device and your home. It’s a scary time that we have to think of this, but it is not going away.  Do everything you can to prevent someone from hacking into your baby monitor.


I heard this story on Good Morning America and felt it was important to share.  Take caution to not read many stories about baby monitors being hacked because you will start to feel a little sick.  I know I did.



Recap on Baby Monitor Safety

You don’t need a high tech monitor.  Think of getting a baby monitor that does not have an internet connection.  Make sure to have a STRONG and LONG password if connected to your internet.  Turn off when not in use. Do updates on the monitor on a regular basis.  Register with manufacturers so you get reports.  Most important, ask yourself “what you really need in a baby monitor.”



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