Your Source for a Last minute Back to School Checklist

Complete Checklist for your back to school items

Can you believe that Summer is coming to an end and it’s back to school time already? I can’t.  It’s the time we are all running to stores to complete those lists for back to school supplies.  Back to school shopping is never fun.  You are running around to different stores to find all the items on your list.  Looking for specific items for each child as well.  I want to help you find those items on your back to school checklist.


The Dollar Tree is a great place to start when looking for items on your back to school checklist.  I would recommend going there first.  You can’t get everything at the Dollar Tree but can get a few essential items.  Some items that are good to pick up at the Dollar Tree include notebooks, pocket calendars, pencil cases and folders.


Now, for items, you can’t find at the Dollar Tree then I recommend Amazon.  Amazon is my go-to place for last-minute items.  Also, for those items you need a lot of and need to buy in bulk, Amazon is the place to go.


Your source for a last minute back to school checklist

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Personally, I hate running to tons of stores with every person in town.  I rather sit home and order everything to be delivered right to my door.  It’s easy and convenient.  Even if you’ve already done most of your shopping, just need a few items Amazon is the place to go.  I love that even if I forgot a few items from the back to school checklist I can go right to Amazon and have them in no time.  Sometimes it’s hard to run to yet another store.


As you are buying all the school supplies your kids need, you also have to think about buying snacks for them as well. You need to make sure snacks are allergy approved and healthy.  That’s not always easy.  Many days I wonder what I will give my son for a snack.  This shopping list of healthy school snacks will make it a breeze the next time you go food shopping.





These are items that it pays to get in bulk.  Here are some items that every child can use.


Back to School Checklist


No matter your child’s age pencils are always needed.  You need to send pencils to class and need pencils at home for homework.  You can never have too many pencils.   Stock up now so you don’t have to run out in a few months.  Keep a supply in the closet so you always have more.

Highlighters are on all teachers list now.  In the younger grades, they are teaching children to highlight important parts of a story.  Children in first and second grade will get reading comprehension worksheets and have to highlight where they found the answer to a question.  As children get older they need different color highlights for different classes or to keep their notes organized.


Always need crayons.  I know that in my house the color my son needs is always the broken crayon that he can’t hold anymore.  Clean out the old box of crayons.  Time to get new ones.  This comes with 2 boxes so one for home and one for school.


Washable markers are the only markers allowed in our house.  Crayola is truly the best when it comes to washable markers.


For Glue I like to buy both glue sticks and liquid glue for home.  Depending on what the assignment is you may need the liquid glue.


For school, the request, for elementary school is glue sticks.  These are easy to use in the classrooms and aren’t as messy as liquid glue.


Lunchboxes are so important.  This one comes in 10 different colors to choose from.  I prefer to get a study lunchbox so it can be used for more than one year.  If you don’t get a character backpack there is a better chance of your child still wanting to use their lunchbox.


Choose from dozens of backpacks that your little one will love.  All sizes and designs so you can find the perfect one to start the school year.  This one comes with a lunch box and pencil case.


For all those projects, crafts, and cards you need construction paper.  This packet has all the colors you could want to make your project stand out.



If you are looking for one large bundle that offers everything, then you found it.  This pack includes notebooks, folders, index cards, pencils, and pens.  You can get everything together.


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Back to School Organization

Space storage center.  This helps keeps craft supplies organized and easy to find.  Before organizing our crafts they were all over the closet and shelf.  Most days my son would say we don’t have any left and of course we did.  He couldn’t find it.  Getting the craft supplies organized is a huge help.


We bought this over the chair holder when my son went into Kindergarten.  We kept some crayons, coloring books and pencils here.  This was great because he was able to sit at his table and color without me getting everything for him.  It helped him have some independence.


Paper organizer.  This is a huge help when you have more than one child in school.  You need to keep track of important dates, trips, back to school night and all the things.  This helps so that each child has a section and it’s easy to reference.

Keep away the Germs

Tissues are a must in any classroom.  Most teachers are now requesting tissues on their back to school supply list, but even if it’s not this is something you should send in.  Cold weather comes quickly and that brings running noses, sneezing, and germs.  Send in the tissues to help keep germs under control.



Lysol can be used to help stop germs from spreading.  Teachers use these Lysol wipes to wipe down the desks, chairs, books and other supplies. These help to clean and sanitize the area.  I get a bottle to keep at home as well.



Now that you bought all the school supplies needed you need a way to label them all.  These labels come in different sizes with different graphics.  They are perfect for everything.  I use them on my son’s backpack, lunchbox, pencil box, and jackets.  Mabel’s Labels are perfect for all your back to school essentials.




With this back to school checklist, all your back to school shopping should be done with ease.  Don’t make things hard on yourself.  Do whatever you can to make your days a little easier.


You need to make sure snacks are allergy approved and healthy.  That’s not always easy.  Many days I wonder what I will give my son for a snack.  This shopping list of healthy school snacks will make it a breeze the next time you go food shopping.



What were some of the items on your back to school checklist that was surprising to you?  Comment below to let me know.


Find what you need with this back to school checklist

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