Baby cards asking please don't touch my baby with orange background

Printable Baby Cards

Beautiful cards with 3 patterns to choose from

-Think of safety first and remind people not to touch your baby.

- A nice way to tell people to keep their hands to themselves.

-Attach to your car seat and stroller.

-Doctor recommended

Why do people think your baby is public property? It bothers you when everyone is touching your baby. You don't want to be rude, but you don't want them touching your baby. What can you do without repeating yourself over and over?

Here is your answer:

Baby Cards asking not to touch my baby


  • After you sign up receive your cards right away.
  • Cards size are 14cm X 14cm
  • Print out on cardstock to make sturdier (can use laminate pages to protect it better)
  • Punch hole in top of card
  • Attach to your car seat and stroller
Sleeping baby. Printable Baby cards asking not to touch my baby

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