Easy Mother’s Day Crafts that Kids can make (and moms will cherish)

Easy Mother’s Day Crafts that Kids and Mom will Love  

Mothers and Grandmothers love to get a hand-made gift for Mother’s Day.  When children are young they love to make gifts for people.   Time to put this want into action.  These crafts are easy enough for toddlers to make, but still fun enough that older children will want to make them too. Let’s honor the Mother’s in our life with some handmade gifts.  Here are easy Mother’s Day Crafts that kids can make.

Mothers day crafts


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Photo Frame


Easy Mother's Day crafts kids can make


  • Popsicle sticks– 2 large and 2 small – or you can use the same size
  • Puzzle pieces – if you have a puzzle missing pieces those are perfect to use. If not go to the dollar store for any puzzle
  • Glue
  • Picture of the child



    • Take the four popsicle sticks and glue them together in the corners.  If you use two size popsicle sticks then glue the smaller sticks an inch down from the top and about a half an inch up from the bottom.  This then puts the picture in the middle.
    • Then take the puzzle pieces and glue wherever you choose.
    • On one of the puzzle pieces write “I love you to pieces!”
    • Then take the picture and take to the back.
    • Ta-Dah!! A beautiful picture frame that mom will treasure.

LOVE Canvas


Easy Mother's Day Crafts that Kids can make                    Easy Mother's Day crafts that kids can make





      • Use the painters take to spell out letters on the canvas.  I did LOVE but you could do MOM as well.
      • Then paint over the tape with the color you choose.  If a younger child is painting I suggest only using one color, not four.
      • After painting one section with a certain color then continue to paint the other sections with the other paint colors.
      • Toddlers can use their fingers instead of a paintbrush.
      • When the paint is COMPLETELY dry then peel off the tape.
      • A beautiful painting that mom will display year after year.


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Let me know how it went making these crafts with your little ones.  Which one did your child like the most?


Easy Mother’s Day crafts for kids to make that mom will cherish 



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