Effects of Music on Child Development


Many studies have shown the amazing benefits and the positive effects of music on child development.  Music is beneficial to everyone but truly important for early childhood.  Besides music making you happier it has other benefits.  People are born with the innate ability to know the difference between noise and music (though if you have a teenager blasting music it might be difficult to tell).


Think about where you hear music playing.  You hear music everywhere.  In the dentist, at the nail salon, in the mall and even at CVS.  Places play music to keep you calm and reduce your nerves.  Stores play music to keep you shopping.  When young children listen to songs they learn their ABC’s and animal sounds. Mommies signing lullabies help a baby to go to sleep.


Music is a great way to build gross motor skills.  When kids are jumping and dancing they are increasing their motor skills.  For more gross motor activities to do at home sign up here.






Girl dancing in a field with shirt twirling around showing effects of music on child development.

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Music in the house


Ever notice that all children shows play music?  This isn’t a coincidence.  It’s intentional to get kids to want to watch more and help them learn.  Who has a toddler running around singing Baby Shark, Elmo or the Hot Dog song? I do!

I’m sorry I bet you are singing those songs now.


Play music in the house as much as you can. When you hear a song you like, with a good beat it’s natural to start dancing.  Kids are the same. Have music playing in the background and just watch when they hear a song they like.  They will dance, jump, pretend to play an instrument all while moving and having fun.


My little one watched the movie “Sing” and after that, all he wanted to do was play the piano (tano) any time he heard music.  My son would pretend to play the piano on the kitchen counter and on the couch.  Walking around saying “playing”.  By watching and listening to that part of the movie, he saw something he liked and imitated it.   He learned new vocabulary words and learned how to pretend to do something new.



We got my son a CD player for his room when he was three.  He wanted to dance and listen to music in his room.  My son would say “my music.”  We bought him children’s CD’s and then made some CD’s as well.  This was something that he used every day.  Sometimes we would join him and other times it was great alone time for him.  He would dance, jump and sing to all his CD’s.  I loved seeing him enjoy music so much.


Be sure to go to Facebook to watch a video of my son dancing to Pitch Perfect!



Benefits of Music in Early Childhood Education 


A baby playing with musical items on a rug showing positive effects of music on child development.


  • It helps to improve their brain power.
  • Will develop social skills.
  • It helps build their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Inspires creativity
  • Improves your mood
  • Teaches patience.
  • Releases energy and gets them moving
  • Builds gross motor skills.
  • Improves Language Development


Throughout the day as you play together, clean or make dinner have music on in the house.  We do play children’s songs in the mix but most of the time its music we all can listen too.  My kids listen to Billy Joel, Adele, and even ACDC.  My son is probably the only 2-year old that asks for Thunder (Thunderstruck).  Play whatever music you choose so you don’t mind listening to it as well.


For songs that you sing often in your house, start to pause at certain parts to allow your child to fill in the word.  Filling in sentences or phrases is one step in early communication.  Children learn that something is missing and they know the answer. It allows children to have the begging of a back and forth conversation.  This is how children learn that they can be part of a conversation. The music gives a rhythm that helps the mind and body work together.




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Music is a terrific way to get kids up and moving.  You don’t need a ton of space or supplies.  For more movement activities you can do at home be sure to sign up below.






Music and Movement Activities


A girl dancing in a grass field showing positive effects of music on child development.



  • Dance, dance dance
  • Get ribbons or colored scarfs to throw up and catch
  • Play songs that ask you to move: Let’s Twist, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, Shake your Sillies out, Wheels on the Bus
  • Make music instruments
  • Shake or wear bells as you dance
  • Freeze Dance (this is a favorite in our house)
  • Musical Chairs
  • Join a music and movement class



If you do have someone in your house playing loud and fast music you may start to get upset and angry.  Your heart rate is increasing and your mood is changing in a negative way.  Therefore, you yell to have them lower the music.


Different kinds of music will have a different effect on you.  Choose the music you play in the house and that the kids are listening too wisely.  Rock, oldies, classical, and calming music have been known to have the most positive effects on people.  Effects of music on child development should be positive.


As you wash the dishes or play on the floor have some music playing.  When you have time you can use music as an activity and play together.  Enjoy!


What are some kinds of music you play at your house?  What are your kid’s favorites?




  1. Kristina G says:

    Great article! I always played music for my boys when they were little and we participated in Kindermusik, loved that! Great suggetions in your article. I will share with friends that have little ones:)

    1. ExploreKidTalk says:

      I’m so happy to hear you liked the article. Effects of music on child development can play a big role and have major benefits. Thank you for sharing this with others.

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