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On Father’s Day, we honor the father in our life. These books all discuss the love a father has for his children. The books would be a terrific addition to your home library. I included some printables coupons for the kids to give dad as well. Enjoy these Dad books to read with your children.


Best Books about Dads to read with your children

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Father’s Day is to honor those important men in your child’s life.  A Grandparent or an Uncle or any father figure who takes the time to care, teach or kiss a boo-boo. They all deserve to be recognized. Those men that have always been their for your kids.


The bond between a Father and child is special. A father is the first man to show you respect.  The way you learn respect is by example. Your father shows his partner and children respect. Your father teaches you to have respect for others.


For your daughter, it’s important to see how her father treats her mother.  This is her first way of understanding how a woman should be treated.  For your son, they will learn how to grow up and treat others they care for.


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Father’s will come to your rescue, dust off your pants and help you to stand up again. They will teach you that failure isn’t the end.  But instead a stepping stone to success.


Father’s will scold and admonish but they will comfort and will love you when the fight is over.  They will forgive your mistakes and help you grow from them.  A father will be there when you need him and even when you don’t.  A loving father will show you his emotions and his affection for you.  Those dad hugs, kisses, and that special dad squeeze mean so much.


These books are sure to become a family favorite.  Here is a list of Dad books to read with your Children



10 Terrific Books that show the Love a Father has for his Children



*Just Me and My Dad Little Critter Book  by Mercer Mayer

Little Critter is going on a camping trip with his dad.  This is a sweet and funny book.  A nice way to introduce camping to your little ones.


Best Dad books to read with your children

*I Love you Daddy by Jillian Harker

Baby Bear is now getting older. This book helps to show that it’s ok to be afraid but also important to be brave.


Best Dad books to read with your children

*My Dad Loves Me!  By Marianne Richmond

This beautiful picture book shows all the ways a dad loves his children.  Dad’s will protect. Dad teaches me. My Dad naps with me.


Best Dad books to read with your children

*Daddy Hugs  by Karen Katz

Board Book for babies to count the hugs and “I Love You’s” from dad.


Best Dad books to read with your children

*I love my Daddy Because  by Laurel Porter Gaylord

A perfect board book for those tiny hands. Shows how baby animals spend time with their dads.


Best Dad books to read with your children

*Dad can do Anything   by Martin Thomas

Little Elephant doesn’t like being small.  He can’t reach anything.  Dad shows him that together nothing is out of reach.


Best Dad books to read with your children

*The Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Dad!   by Jan Berenstain

The cubs want to spoil Papa Bear for Father’s Day. Can Papa let the cubs treat him for once?


Best Dad books to read with your children

*The Berenstain Bears Father’s Day Blessings   by Mike Berenstain

The Family plans an adventure to celebrate Father’s Day. The family and cubs want to show their love.


Best Dad books to read with your children

*The Night Before Father’s Day   by Natasha Wing

When Dad leaves the house Mom and the kids get to work preparing for Father’s Day. They have a big surprise planned.


Best Dad books to read with your children

*A Perfect Father’s Day   by Eve Bunting

A little girl plans the Perfect Day for her Dad.  She planned a special day with lots of treats.



These are all easy read books.  Some are board books are perfect for Dad to share with his babies.  Share these books with Dad.  Show him how much he means to you.  Dad’s help brings out the best in his children.  Dad’s will teach you about life.  Let Dad know how much he means to you.


Here are some Father’s Day coupons to show your love.  Have the kids fill them out, cut and give to Dad.

Click on the picture below.

Dad Books to Read to your Children



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