20 Terrific Family Night Ideas to Enjoy Together

Ideas for your Next Family Night at home

Family time is so important not to lose sight of.  I know that with working different hours, sports, homework, and life in general that sometimes days just get away from you.  Our lives have become so busy with our schedules.  We are pulled in all different directions.  It’s necessary to remember that quality family time is essential to keeping families close.  Having family nights is a wonderful way to reconnect.  Simple and fun family night ideas that you can enjoy together.


By reinforcing these relationships benefit the wellbeing of both parents and children.  You have to learn what “quality time” really means.  Learning to be in the moment, be together.  Being present is the best thing you can do.  This will vary in each household.


Whatever you decide is “quality time” make sure to make it a priority for you and your family.  Families spend time together differently.  While family vacations or staycations are truly terrific but we can’t do that all the time. I say shut off the electronics and talk.  It’s necessary that young children see their parents put the phones down and focus on being together.


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Terrific Family Night Ideas to Enjoy Together


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“A family that dines together stays together.”


Finding quality time together is difficult with our busy days, but not impossible and completely important. Research has shown the profound benefits of family time.  When spending time together with your family it helps build self- esteem.  Children also learn positive behaviors from the example of their families.  By spending quality time together and discussing your problems of the day will help relieve stress.  Even though the teenager in your life might push away family night ideas, ignore the grumbling and soon they will want to join in.


“As you spend more quality time together your family bond builds and becomes stronger.”


As you spend more quality time together your family bond builds and becomes stronger.  In addition to eating meals, doing chores and watching a movie together there are alternative activities families can do together.  Use this list of activities for family night ideas to get you started.


Having dinner together is not always easy with sports and activities at different times.  When it’s possible, have dinner together as a family.  On days when we have dinner together when everyone’s home, we make sure to put phones aside and focus on being together.  It’s the time when we talk and share about our day.  We speak to our son about his school day and we share about our day too.


travel tales


This past year my child’s school announced a “Family Connect Night” each month.  They will not assign homework on these specific nights. They realize how important it is to do special things with your child and escape from the day today.  Schedule family time together if you need too.  Make a point to be together with each other separate from everyday tasks.  Therefore, if you have to schedule it it’s ok.  Don’t be hard on yourself.  Give your kids something to look forward too.  Tell them this weekend we are going to the park, library or even a walk.  Children can then look forward to it and be excited about that time.  Being together as a family also gets kids talking and will give them memories.  Memories are more important than toys.


By setting time aside and not being distracted by calls, tv, video games or phones you are showing what’s important to your children.  Children learn they need balance in their lives.  When children see their parents setting aside time for what’s important, they learn what to value in life.


Switch taking turns who picks the family activity for connect night.  Discuss which activity the whole family wants to do and which activities are parent or kid preferred.  By doing something that your child or spouse wants to but you don’t will show love and support for your family members.


Benefits of Family Night

  • Builds self-esteem
  • Creates positive behavior
  • Relive stress
  • Builds family bonds
  • teaches value
  • Creates lasting memories


Spending time together as a family will only benefit you and all your family members.  Therefore quality family time brings more benefits than you realize.


Have fun together and go make memories!


Here are just a few suggestions of things to do together as a family.


20 Ideas for Family Activities for family night



1. Cook/ Bake Together –Kids Cooking Set

2. Go on a scavenger hunt

3. Go on a nature walk

4. Play games- Yahtzee is one of our family’s favorites.


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5. Take a bike ride

6. Build a fort together

7. Make paper planes

8. Play card games

9. Movie night



10. Go bowling

11. Arts and crafts night

12. Karaoke night-  Karaoke Machine

13. Have a picnic

14. Exercise together

15. Minute to Win it Challenges

16. Look at old Pictures 

17. Plant new flowers or vegetables

18. Mini golf

19. Eat out- Kids pick the place.  Look at local restaurants for kid specials.  Texas Roadhouse, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and IHOP all have kids nights. 

20. Ice Cream for Dinner- This will become your kids favorite.  They think it’s so special because it’s special they are not allowed to do usually.

Kids together in jumping competition


How do you spend your family nights? What are some fun things that you do together as a family?  Comment below and share your ideas.


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Enjoy your next family night with these ideas


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