The top 10 gifts for the child who likes to build and create

Building is a wonderful activity to do independently or together. Building toys promote hand-eye coordination, divergent thinking, problem-solving skills, inspires creativity and brain development. These toys allow your child’s imagination to lead the way.


Advice from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) reports that the best toys for kids are ones that encourage creativity and imagination. You don’t need to buy any more video games. The toys you want to buy are those that allow children to explore and learn.



The best toys for the child that likes to build.

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All these toys mentioned come with easy to follow instructions so that your child will be successful in making their new toy.  As you see we have many of the toys listed.  The ones we don’t have my son has asked for.  He enjoys building.  That’s the only toys he asks for.  My son would stay in his room for hours working on building these items.  He was determined to finish it.



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Building Toys for Kids



A boy building a Star Wars lego ship is a toy for the child that likes to build

Legos are terrific for all different ages.  They have mega legos for toddlers with little hands and then tiny legos as they get older.  With legos, you can get a box of just legos or one that has a theme.  If your child likes Star Wars, Princess, trucks or animals you can find legos for that.

Here is my son building a Star Wars Lego ship.  This was a perfect gift for his birthday.  It allowed him to build and had his interest in Star Wars as well.  He stayed in his room for 4 days until it was finished.  This set came with a ton of pieces but was well organized.  The pieces are separate in number bags for the order that you need them.  The instructions have pictures to follow along.



Boy building a yellow truck is a toy for children that like to build

Here is a truck building set from Amazon.  The set came with directions so any child can build it themselves.  Watch the joy they have when they finish the truck.  You can pick between a few types of engineering kits.



Boy holding a K'nex box is a gift for the child that likes to build.

My son has gotten K’nex for a few years now.  You can buy pieces without buying a bit.  All the pieces connect to each other.  When you want to build more, they have set with motors.  Then the Ferris wheel or car will move on its own.  My son was so excited when he got the kit with the motor.  It then adds a whole new level to building.



Castle 3D puzzle for a gift for the child that likes to build

  • 3D Puzzles

3D puzzles go more with the building concept than putting a traditional puzzle together.  My son was never one who enjoyed building, but this year got a 3D puzzle and loved that.  With 3D puzzles, you then need a place to display the finished item.  Your child has to be ok with not playing with this toy after it’s finished.



Child building with circuits is a gift a child that likes to build will love

  • Snap Circuits

You can use these circuits to make a light bulb turn on, music to play or a fan to spin.  Your child will learn how to follow directions in the proper order to make a working product. This is a terrific gift for those that want to learn how things work.




Colorful maga- titles is a great toy for children that like to build

These magnetic tiles can be used to create shapes, buildings, and rockets.  You don’t need instructions for these toys.  Kids can build whatever they choose.  Let their imagination lead the way.


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A black and orange robot is a great gift for kids that like to build

  • Robot Toys

This is a 3 in 1 building set.  You can build 3 different toys with the same pieces.  This gift also includes a coloring poster for extra fun. Build the robot with small, brick-shaped pieces.


Children that like to build can make a roller-coaster of their own

  • Build a Rollercoaster

This is a toy and a game in one.  After you build the rollercoaster you then play a game.  It comes with card challenges that gradually get harder.




Toy for the child that likes to build is an electric toy car

  • Tinkering Lab Kits

With these kits, you use real hardware, motors, and wood. The kit comes with 10 Challenge Cards, each of which presents a challenge that can be met with the parts in the kit. So after you have completed one challenge you can take it apart and try the next challenge.




Colorful tubes to build for a marble to go through. A great toy for the child that likes to build

  • Marble Run Building

You can assemble this in 4 different ways. Your child can learn how to build different tracks with different accessories. The marble galaxy pieces are all translucent, so the racing marbles are all visible!


Benefits of toys for kids that like to create

  • hand-eye coordination
  • divergent thinking
  • problem-solving skills
  • inspires creativity
  • brain development
  • build imagination
  • spatial awareness
  • motor skills
  • interest in science
  • increasing interest in engineering
  • interest in technology
  • builds patience.


Get some building toys for your child for a holiday or birthday gift.  Help build your child’s creativity, motor skills, and imagination.  Let them explore and have fun.





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  1. Both my boys enjoy building things with legos. I have my eye on the K’nex blocks. We have not tried these yet. I am sure they would really enjoy getting creative with them.

    1. ExploreKidTalk says:

      Legos are wonderful. Try a small box of K’nex. You can always add more. That’s something that I love about K’nex and legos is that you can always buy more with different characters or models and they can all work together. Building is a wonderful way for children to use their fine motor skills and their imagination.

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