A guide for How to find a Nanny that is best for your family + a checklist for the interview


Finding someone to care for your child is never an easy task. You are handing over your cherished baby to someone else. You have a million things to worry about. This list will help and give you strategies on how to find a nanny for your family.


Whether you’re going back to work or for date night, it’s daunting to find someone you trust with your loved ones.


Working parents have to decide which type of childcare they prefer.  What suits your specific needs?  Maybe a daycare or a nanny at home.


How to find a nanny that is best for your family. Interview checklist included.
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This article helps you navigate Daycare.  How to find the right daycare and questions to ask. https://www.imperfectlyperfectmama.com/find-the-right-daycare/


Ok, you’ve decided between nanny and daycare. What do you do next?



Hiring a Nanny for your Family


First, you need to have a meet and interview each candidate.  Be sure to print out this checklist for the interview.  It gives you a list of questions to ask and things to discuss with each possible candidate.  Then you can review and see who fits your family best.


A Guide for how to find a nanny that's best for your family. Checklist included
Click here to get your checklist



Once you have used the checklist and have found someone you believe will work with your family. Now, what do you do next?



How to know if the Babysitter is right for your family





 How to Find a Nanny that is right for your family. Interview checklist included


You should, be asking for references.  You are putting the care of your child in this babysitter.  Ask for a few references and call them. Speak with those people that have used this person’s services.  Get a sense of their feelings for this person.  Ask how long the person worked for them and why they left.




Trial Runs


How to find a nanny that is right for your family. Checklist for the interview included


The best way to have the nanny get adjusted is by having a supervised probationary period. Their sole job is taking care of your child.  You can clean a bit, or do work on the computer. This way you are home to watch how they interact with your child.


You want to see a closeness and compassion for your child.  That this person will love and care for your baby. The bar is set high, this is your baby.  When you find someone that works with your family it is an amazing blessing.  Put in time before you go back to work to get to know this person.


Have several trial runs with this person. The person should come at different times of the day. This allows them to see how your child is at different times. Doing this is beneficial to both of you. First, parents get to see how they interact with the children. Secondly, the sitter learns where things are in the house and the routine of the child.  Most importantly the child and sitter have a rapoir.


Ideally, you want your child and sitter to become familiar with each other before you leave the house. This will help ease some of your worries.


Be cautious and use this time to become comfortable with the sitter.





 How to find a nanny that is right for your family. Interview checklist included


Discuss the schedule you want for childcare.  Is this a babysitter for social evenings out or a nanny that will be with your child for extended hours?  Parameters and expectations need to be clear from the onset.


When you do your trials runs be aware of punctuality.  When someone shows up late to a job that is a clear sign that they don’t put an emphasis on the job.  By not being punctual they show you that the job has no value.  I would use this as a big indication that this person is not right for the job.



Deciding how much to pay a Nanny


 How to find a Nanny that is right for your family. Interview checklist included


You used this guide to help you on how to find a nanny that will fit your family.  You went through an interview, trial runs and comfort levels now comes pay.


How do you know how much to pay a nanny?  A few factors go into this.  First, if this is a college student babysitting for date nights or is this an experienced adult that is taking care of your child day after day?  Prices sometimes differ with location as well. Also, have to consider how many children this babysitter will be caring for and their responsibilities other than childcare.


Typically paying a babysitter ranges from $10- $20 an hour.  Of course, you pay a higher amount for someone coming a few days a week to just an evening here and there.  The best way to make sure you’re not under or overpaying someone is to ask people in your neighborhood.  Then you will have a sense of what is expected in that area. There is value in keeping an excellent sitter happy.



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A few tips to remember for how to find a nanny


  • Have this person come several times before leaving your child with them.
  • Let them help you when your home so you have a better sense of how they respond to your child.
  • Use your network of friends and family. Ask for referrals and guidance.
  • Get the word out you are in need of a nanny.
  • Look into a hiring nanny agency.
  • Flexible hours that work with your schedule
  • Agree on a pay scale


Be sure to print out the checklist for the complete list of how to find the right babysitter.  Use this checklist as a guideline to help you find the right babysitter or nanny for your family.



A Guide for how to find a nanny that's best for your family. Checklist included
Click here to get your interview checklist




This is a list of questions perfect to use on your interviews. With these first few questions, you will already have a sense of the person you are interviewing. If any of their responses cause alarm, then there’s no reason to continue.


Once you have gone over all expectations of what you want and feel happy with the person you choose make sure you discuss everything before they officially start.  Write the schedule down and important phone numbers so there’s no question.  Have a notebook with all the important information in one place.  Expectations for both parties need to be clear from the start.


Now that everything is complete you can feel at ease leaving for work or going out for that much-needed date night.



Let me know how your search for childcare goes.  Did you find anything surprising during your search?  Share below.


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  1. Sarah Garden says:

    We just moved and I might be going this route as I think a nanny might for best with my schedule as a nurse. This gives me a good idea of where to start in the interview process.

    1. ExploreKidTalk says:

      Hello Sarah. I’m so glad you can use this information to help you find a nanny that works for your family. It’s not an easy task trying to find someone to take care of your children. Make sure you print out the interview checklist. That will help you compare each candidate. Good luck to you. Let me know how it goes.

  2. Crusty says:

    Great post. I’m always wary of strangers watching my kids. Thanks for the tips.

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