Healthy School snacks and after school snacks, kids will want to eat + Shopping Checklist Included

Healthy School snacks and after school snacks, kids will want to eat + Shopping Checklist Included


School days bring backpacks, lunchboxes, homework, supplies, and snacks.  We as parents are looking for easy snacks we can throw into their backpacks.  We don’t want to give up healthy options just for convenience.  I have you covered.  Here are healthy school snacks for on to go and at home.


I know that many days I wonder what will I give my son for snack?  Sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas.  I want to avoid the processed food snacks and give healthier foods.  As busy parents running in all directions we need a list to refer too.  I made that list of healthy on the go snacks and school snacks.



Healthy School Snacks your kids will love. After school snacks and a shopping list included.

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Whether you are giving snacks for lunchtime, snack time or need it on the field for that soccer game you need something that’s easy.  Portable yes, but also easy for the kids to eat.  You are looking for foods that don’t make a big mess and finger foods.


These snacks are all quick and easy.  You can throw them in the lunchbox, backpack or the car. They will help keep your life simple and have an added benefit of being good for your child.  When food shopping think about the healthier options. Bring this list to avoid heavily processed snacks.





Make sure to print your list of Healthy Kid Snacks for your next shopping trip.




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Snacks play a large role in your child’s diet.  By giving them healthier foods children will learn healthy eating habits early in life.  This will benefit them in the long run. Snacks are important at school because if children are hungry they can’t focus and behave.


Healthy School snacks and after school snacks kids will want to eat + Shopping Checklist Included

A list of healthy snacks- 21 healthy school snack


    1. Yogurt
    2. Cheese and Crackers
    3. Cheese Sticks
    4. Raisins
    5. Cut up Fruit
    6. Muffins
    7. Pretzels
    8. Granola Bars
    9. Energy Bites
    10. Berries- blueberries, strawberries, blackberries
    11. Cereal
    12. Pepper Strips
    13. Carrots
    14. Cucumbers
    15. grape tomatoes
    16. celery
    17. tostitos scoops
    18. clementines
    19. banana
    20. Sunflower or Pumpkin Seeds
    21. roasted chickpeas—this is great cause it has a taste and crunch of a chip but is much healthier




Healthy After School Snacks

Now we covered on to go snacks and school snack that are healthy and still provide convenience, let’s talk after school snacks at home.  Once your children are home you can offer snacks that maybe you couldn’t give them for school or on the field.


The snacks listed above are all perfect to keep a large supply handy to also use at home.  In addition to those snacks, here are snacks that are better fitted for home.


Make sure to print your list of Healthy Kid Snacks for your next shopping trip.

After School Snacks to Enjoy

Nuts- peanuts, almonds.. etc

Trail mix

Apples and Peanut Butter


Hard-boiled Eggs




My kids love having a smoothie.  They think it’s a shake and it’s special.  I usually make a fruit and protein shake.  Try a bunch out and see which ones your kids like best. Here are 15 Smoothies Recipes that will be a sure-fire hit.


With this shopping list of healthy school snacks, you are ready for your next food shopping trip.  Skip the chips and other junk food and get these items instead.


What is your kids favorite snack?  I would love to hear more ideas.


PS.  Print out your Snack Shopping List here.


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