Last minute Holiday Shopping for all those procrastinators


Christmas Day is only a few short days away.  Don’t worry there are still plenty of deals that you can get and still get your gifts for Christmas.  For all those procrastinators (my husband included) you can order your gifts today from Amazon and have them delivered by Christmas.


YAYAY!  You still have time to order some great gifts.



Last minute shopping deals perfect for the procrastinator.

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The first thing you should do is sign up for Prime.  With Prime, you get free 2-day shipping, music, movies, and TV all at your fingertips.



All these gifts are ones that I’ve have bought either for my house or for a gift.  Every item mentioned is part of Prime so you will receive them by Christmas Day. I will share gifts with you that are also on sale.  Don’t wait too long or the sale price may end.


Let’s get started.  Happy Last Minute Shopping!!



Last minute Holiday Gifts for the Procrastinator  



Top toys for kids that like to build. A truck building set.


Building STEM Toys 

I just mentioned these toys in my post about The Perfect toys for the child that likes to Build.  Here your child can build a 3-D design that works on creativity, problem-solving, details and imagination.




Nok Hockey Table 

I just bought this Nok Hockey Table for my niece.  I was so excited when she asked for this.  It’s a game I remember playing in elementary school during recess.  Who else played this game?



Trouble Game 

This is an Avengers Version of Trouble.  We just bought this for a friend who loves all things, Avengers.



3-D Puzzle

My son has just started to get into 3-D puzzles.  He was never a fan of tradition puzzles, but this touches on his love of building.  You can get a 3-D puzzle featuring all the wonders of the world.





Magic Science Kit

I bought this kit as a gift for my nephew 3 years ago.  It’s perfect for the child that likes to experiment and make magic happen.



Gifts for the little ones 

Paw Patrol Figures 

My son had these when he was little.

  • The Action Pack Rescue 3 pack features transforming Marshall, Skye, and Rubble pups.
  • Press the dog tag for a reveal of their special tool 




Paper Bag Puppets 

This I bought when my son was in Kindergarten to do crafts with the class for a holiday party.  The kids loved it.  Get creative and make your own puppets.



Kids Work Bench 

This tool bench is so much better than the one my son had.  It comes with moving tools to help your little one feel like they are using real tools.




Kinetic Sand 

The best thing about this sand is that it’s not regular sand.  It STICKS to itself making for easy cleanup.  I use this at work all the time to get kids used to different textures.  You can mold and shape the sand to build what you want.





Travel Jenga

Jenga is a game we all know.  This is the travel size so you can enjoy the fun while you travel.  If you are traveling for the holidays be sure to pick up this travel game to help keep the kids occupied.



How to structure your day with a toddler. A daily schedule included. Wind down activities before bed.
Chunky Puzzle


Jumbo Puzzles 

Jumbo puzzles are perfect for tiny hands.  You can get a puzzle with large pieces like the one above or get a puzzle that has a large knob to hold.  Find the right puzzle for the toddler in your life.



Gifts Mom would Enjoy


Podus Socks

These socks were on Oprah’s favorite things.  I put them on my wishlist as well.  They look so warm and cozy.  I can’t wait to wear them Christmas morning.




Funny Wine Glasses

We can all use another wine glass.  They are even better with the perfect saying on them.  This one made me smile. It’s on point.



I hope this list has helped all those procrastinators.  Amazon has saved deals just for you.  Shop today or tomorrow to have your items delivered by Christmas Day.


Don’t forget to sign up for Prime.  You get 30 days FREE with all the benefits. Sign up here.



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