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Math has increasingly gotten harder over the years.  In First Grade Curriculum children will be learning how to add numbers.  Children will learn strategies for addition and subtraction.  They will understand that addition means “to add together” or “put together”.  Children will learn that counting 2 is the same as adding two.  Your children will learn Math words that you may not know.  Including words such as Number Bond, Ten Frame, and Number Path.  These are concepts that parents and families will have to learn and start to use.  Math flashcards will help your child.


Math Flashcard Printables

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Children are expected to learn fast math facts.  They want your child to be able to add 2 digit numbers quickly and in their heads.  This helps build a foundation of good Math skills.  A great way to practice fast facts is to use flashcards.  At my house, we used flash cards when my son was little to teach him his numbers and letters.  Now, we use flash cards to work on his addition.




Make using the flashcards a game.  If it’s a chore they will resist.  Put the flashcards on the table and give an answer, then have your child find the equations that equal that number.  In addition to games, show your children how you use Math facts every day.  You can have your child help you at the store to find how much something costs. ( Round to the whole number, no cents.)  Ex- I want to buy a bag of salad and a box of cookies.  The salad cost $2 and the cookies cost $4 how much is that?


Take time practicing and memorizing Math facts with your child.   Help your child know these Math facts.


Here are Addition Flashcards from 2 through 10.  You can use these flashcards to help your child get better at fast Math facts.  Have your child help cut them out.  If you want to attach the flashcards to index cards to make sturdier.  What I did was print them on cardstock paper.


Flash cards

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Helpful tips

  1. Use Flashcards
  2. Make Math a game
  3. Show how Math is used in everyday life
  4. Ask Math facts throughout the day
  5. Use Dice to make Math problems

Math Apps

  1. ABCya!
  2. Splash Math
  3. Animal Math First Grade (also have Animal Math for other grades)
  4. Monster Math for Kids

Websites for Math




Click below for your addition flashcards

Addition Flashcards



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Tell me how it went using the flashcards with your child.


Here are some products that will help develop Math skills.


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