An open letter to Santa from a Crazed Mom


I have lost my Christmas spirit this year.  My son has started to ask questions about Santa.  My son wants to believe, but it doesn’t all seem possible to him lately.  He gets more technical than “how do Reindeer Fly?”  He doesn’t accept the answer “it’s magic” anymore. To help me get my Christmas spirit back I decided to turn to the source and write a letter.  An open letter to Santa of what a crazed mom would like.


I thought that it’s time for the adults to get some gifts as well.


This is written to make us all laugh during the holiday time.



An open letter to Santa from a crazed mom.

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Dear Santa,


I know this is your busy time of year.  I’m sure you are wondering why a mom of 2, and 35 years old would be writing you a letter.  As I hear my kids, and other kids talk about what they want for Christmas, I realize that there are quite a few things I would like this Christmas.  I know it’s been a long time since I last wrote to you.  When I was young you would never disappoint, so I thought I’d try now. I’m not going to ask for anything crazy like a new house.

Yes, some families go overboard and Christmas crazy.  Most families don’t do this though.  They want to make it special for their kids. We make sure that everything isn’t all about YOU.  That being together and having the spirit is what’s important.

Since you get the credit, I would like if I can have some things as well.




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This year for Christmas I would like (in no particular order):


  1. The ability to function well on little sleep.
  2. To stay asleep if the kids do. Those rare miracle days when the kid’s sleep later but I still wake up.
  3. A robot that will dust for me. We already have a robot that will vacuum for me, which I LOVE, now I would like one that can dust for me.
  4. An extra day between Saturday and Sunday
  5. Unlimited amount of Wine that I don’t have to pay for.
  6. The mindset to get up and go
  7. Nap time for adults
  8. A shopping spree
  9. On shopping trips to be able to go without my kids
  10. A personal chef that does the grocery shopping too
  11. To go to the bathroom by myself
  12. Go a few days in a row without hearing “Baby Shark song” anywhere (sorry I know your singing it now)
  13. Go 30 feet in my house without stepping on a toy
  14. Just once to have the vomit go in the toilet bowl and not on my lap
  15. Taking a shower without hearing “MOM” or someone crying
  16. To know what a DAY OFF really means
  17. Just once I would like to equate silence with peace and quite rather than fear in wondering what my children are up to


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On the serious side now.  Christmas was always a time for me to dream and believe.  I love this time of year.  Lately, though I don’t feel the same jolliness I once did.  Would you mind sharing some of yours with me?  I’d truly appreciate it.



A Crazed Mom



Please comment below on what you would ask for this year from Santa?  What is on your list?


PS.  Please grant the wishes of those that comment as well.





Click HERE now to print your Santa Countdown.  A perfect way for your kids to countdown to Christmas Day.


  1. This was such a cute post =) I hope he brings you all of this and more!! I basically want my groceries to show up randomly in my kitchen just ONE time 😉 That would be a dream! Happy holidays to you!!

    1. ExploreKidTalk says:

      Hello Stephanie. Yes, groceries at home in the kitchen. That’s a good one as well. It was just a little fun I was having for all us hard working parents. Happy Holidays to you!

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