Parents preparing for the first day of school (dealing with mixed emotions)

Parents feeling on the first day of school and how to get through it

For veteran parents and for parents of older children this day comes easier and doesn’t bring so many mixed feelings. Whether it’s your only child, your first child or your baby when your child has their first day of school your emotions are running high. Helping first-time parents prepare for the first day of school.

The first day of kindergarten might be the first time your child is going to school for the whole day. This is no longer daycare or preschool but kindergarten.

Download and print your back to school checklist so you know exactly what needs to be done and when. The checklist starts at 2 months before and goes till the night before.

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You pick out clothes, buy a backpack, school supplies and have a smile on your face but filling up with tears inside. As your child makes this transition to school, you are making a transition as well. This is a new experience for both of you. How will you navigate this new chapter?

If your child is nervous about starting school there are steps you can take to make it easy sailing. Books and a schedule with help with the process. You may be taking all the steps to help your child feel better, but what about how you are feeling.

Your baby is growing up. This is understandable that it’s so emotional.

This happens to more than parents of preschoolers or kindergartens. Parents at different stages feel these mixed emotions as well. The parents of a child starting middle school for the first time and realize that their kids are pulling away a bit and that the relationship is changing. Parents of the college freshman who only have a memory of what it was like to help get them ready and take pictures that first day of school.

It’s ok to admit that you have mixed feeling and don’t need to hide the tears (well maybe from your little one).

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Tips for parents on getting through the first day of school

1.Don’t let them see you cry ( this is huge)

This is something I tell parents all the time. When I work with little ones and we are finished working together it will be there first time attending school, usually preschool.

You need to show your child that this is a happy time. Children get sad and clingy when they see their parents crying. They don’t understand and just see mom crying and then begin to cry as well. Parents who show excitement and confidence had kids who feel the same. Your response is directly related to how your child will respond.

So take a picture, give a hug and a kiss and say goodbye. Go cry in your car once they are inside.

2. Plan ahead

This includes school shopping, doctor visits, and school events. You want to schedule your doctor visits for both you and your kids. Get a check-up and any medication refills you need. Remember when you go to the pediatrician to get a copy of the immunizations so you can give it to the school. This makes it really easy if you already have a copy.

Go back to school shopping for clothes and for school supplies. This list is everything you need for school supplies. Don’t forget tissues for the classroom. Check clothes that are too small to donate or give to cousins so you know what you need. Get clothes for the next season as well and maybe a new pair of sneakers. Sneakers will get beat up in school.

If possible download your child’s school calendar. Put important events in your calendar on your phone and also have a calendar in the kitchen.

3. Meal prep

After a long day of work, kiddos, and chores, getting a healthy, home-cooked meal on the table can feel like it’s not possible. Late afternoons are hectic and it’s difficult to make a meal from scratch with homework, bathtime, and bedtime. You can change that by meal prepping.

If you would like some help and tips for meal planning look into this meal planning bundle. Healthy Meal Planning Bundle to simplify mealtimes and help you eat better (even when life feels chaotic).

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle

4. Have a designated homework space

Having a designated homework space set up will with help with focusing and organization. Pick an area where your child will do their homework every day. This area should reduce distractions and help your child to focus on their work. By having a designated homework station will make after school easy with a routine that everyone knows. This is less stressful for you and your child.

It doesn’t mean that you need a whole office for kids to do their work. Usually, it’s a place in the family room or the kitchen so you can help. We have a kids table right in the kitchen. Get more ideas on making a friendly designated homework station with these station ideas.

Preparing for the first day of school

Wait don’t leave before you download and print your back to school checklist so you know exactly what needs to be done and when. The checklist starts at 2 months before and goes till the night before.

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