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Toddler Enrichment Ebook to have days filled with learning and maintain your sanity.

Toddler Time Ebook

Everyday solutions to maintain your sanity

Mom guilt is real. 

Need a few moments of peace?

Are you struggling to find activities for your toddler?

Do you ever wonder how to keep your toddler busy and happy at the same time?

Does your toddler run circles around the house?

Are you looking for activities that center around enrichment?

Do you need activities to do at home without spending money? 

Imagine if you had all that in one place. This toddler ebook will help make your days less stressful with a schedule, stages of development and activities to fill your days. Everyday solutions to keep your toddler busy while learning and maintaining your sanity.

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What People Say

Christina from Mom in the Six

The Toddler Enrichment eBook is a deep-dive into what it takes to raise a toddler including milestones to look for, books to read, how to encourage your toddler to speak and is full of activities to encourage gross motor skill development and so much more.I appreciated the level of detail after each activity and have the book printed out for ideas on rainy days when we are stuck at home looking for engaging activities. There are also many outdoor activities which are great for encouraging active play outdoors. The book even contains a toddler friendly scavenger hunt printable!I would recommend The Toddler Enrichment eBook for first time moms who are looking for a one stop shop for all things toddlers. You really don’t need much beyond this book to raise a healthy, happy toddler.

Angela Ellington -The Truthful Tutor

This is a very comprehensive overview of everything toddler. It would be incredibly helpful for new parents that have not had toddlers before, but all parents can find something in this that will help them. I received an advance copy and am happy to share a few my favorite aspects of this book.There are two charts in this book that show the language development milestones for toddlers and the motor skills milestones for toddlers. These two charts are handy-dandy cheat sheets that you can use to make sure that your toddlers are achieving those milestones. For parents who have not had toddlers before it is important to know what these milestones are so you can help your kids reach them or to investigate why they may not reach these milestones.I also was a fan of the toddler’s smoothie recipes because these are a way that you can make sure your child is getting the nutrition that they need and you may enjoy them also. Lastly, I really enjoyed the activity sheets that were included especially the file folder sheets. I could see myself using those with preschoolers in tutoring to teach patterns or possibly even adding words to them to start looking over sight words. They also are useful to build motor skills as kids have to stick the picture with their matching picture. There is more that I can talk about because there are so many things included in this book. Rachel does a great job of being very comprehensive and bringing in so much toddler knowledge in this book.

Special offer for you


Toddler Enrichment Ebook. Help your child learn while maintaining your sanity.

Hello, I’m Rachel the founder of Explore Kid Talk. I’m a General and Special Education teacher who specializes in toddlers through early childhood. I’m a mom to two boys. Explore Kid Talk is a parent’s resource for children. This often includes activities, crafts, development and day to day with children. I’m here to help you get that much deserved minute of peace. Help your toddler and kids learn while building memories at the same time. Entertain your kids using everything you already have.

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