Comprehensive Second Grade Review Packet

Comprehensive Second Grade Review Packet

Perfect practice pages for school breaks

Is this happening in your house?

*Are you searching for materials to reinforce what your child is learning?

*Do you want your kids to practice but don't know what to use?

*Are you worried about keeping your child's skills sharp?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are in luck! This review packet is the answer you need. 

Imagine if you had exactly what you need to help your second grader. The second grade review packet will eliminate your fear of your child not having review materials. 

Introducing the Second Grade Review packet 



Written by a Special Education Teacher and a mother of 2. This review packet meets grade level standards. 

Searching for a review resource for your child can be challenging. I understand what it's like to find a comprehensive review, not only one subject. I wanted everything in one place. I didn't want to continue to search everywhere for what I needed. 


I created this review packet to answer my problems and yours. This packet will end your daily search for educational review. 


Here is my son, 2nd grader, working on one of the sheets in the packet. Every book he reads we use this sheet to break down the story. Learning parts of a book are an important part of second grade. Second grade involves writing stories. This sheet has your child review the characters, the problem, the solution and more. It's perfect to use for any book.  

Comprehensive Second Grade Review Packet

What People are Saying

"Our daughter loved this packet! I had only intended going through a couple of pages with her, she took off and did more on her own. She loved being able to read the pages and take charge of her learning. As a parent, I was impressed with the wide variety of topics that this packet reviewed as it's more comprehensive than others that I have purchased. I would highly recommend this to anyone that has a second grader!"

Benefits for your child


-Help stay on track

-Keep your child sharp over vacations

-Use these pages anywhere

-Meets grade level standards

-Accelerate your child's learning

-The perfect resource to help your child 

What's included?


-Building Math Skills

-Grammar sheets

-Language sheets

-Imagination sheets

-Prediction sheets

-High frequency word flashcards 

About the Author

Hello, I'm Rachel the founder of Explore Kid Talk. I'm a General and Special Education teacher who specializes in toddlers through early childhood. I'm a mom to two boys. Explore Kid Talk is a parent's resource for children. This often includes activities, crafts, development and day to day with children. I'm here to help you get that much deserved minute of peace. Help your toddler and kids learn while building memories at the same time. Entertain your kids using everything you already have.

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