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STEAM Apps and Websites

If you are new to the term STEAM it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.  STEAM covers cross-disciplinary learning.  These programs have gotten a huge push in the US due to lack of interest in these fields. The idea of STEAM is to teach children that subjects don’t have to be in isolation. That in learning you can bridge subjects together.  These sites can help introduce your child to the world of STEAM.


STEAM website and apps

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Here you will find Math websites and Literacy websites.




Science Apps-

  1. PetWorld: My animal shelter                    – free –learn to take care of animals
  2. Anatomy Human Body Organs                – free older children
  3. Kid Weather                                                      – pay
  4. World of Dinosaurs                                       – free


YouTube Science Videos


All videos are a few minutes each so you can decide how much screen time is enough.


  1. Minute Physics It explains science in the simplest way, so it is a great channel for kids of all ages
  2. Minute Earth: all topics are about our planet. Where does water on Earth come from?
  3. Best of Science: covers a wide variety of science topics: space, nature, chemistry, and more.
  4. asapScience: This show talks about questions that people are asking or things you’ve always wanted to know.
  5. LabofOrnithology: Here you find amazing videos about different birds.
  6. BrainCraft: BrainCraft explains why we act the way we do
  7. ScienceBob: does all kinds of cool science experiments. Do not do these at home.  This is my son’s favorite right now.  These experiments are oversized and really fun to watch.  
  8. SciShow: It is a great collection of science videos of different topics.  You get answers to questions like Why is a snowflake flat? and Ocean Mysteries. 
  9. National Geographic: Just like their magazine, the channel discusses everyday science.


 Technology Apps for Kids-

  1. Move the Turtle                                      -pay- programming for kids
  2. Kodable                                                   -free
  3. Hopscotch                                               -free coding game





Engineering Apps-

  1. Simple Physics                                       – pay- Design complex structures by following blueprints
  2. Bridge Construction Sim                      – Free- Construct bridges that can hold the weight of different vehicles.


Art Apps-

  1. Piano Ball                                               -pay
  2. Easy Studio                                            -pay
  3. Pixel Art- Color By Number                 – Free- color by number in these coloring books


Math Apps-

  1. Math Ninja                                                 -pay
  2. Monster Math for Kids                        – free – all different grade levels


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