5 Things Dads should say to their Kids often

This week I’m so excited to have a guest post on my site.  I thought it was a wonderful idea to get a perspective from a father.  He shared with us things dads should say to their kids every day and ways to be a better father.  I don’t want to keep you waiting.


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In today’s fast-paced society it is hard to slow down and just talk or even be in the same room. As parents, we may feel out of touch with our kids or even don’t know what to do to start that interaction. Especially as a dad at times we may feel fine relating to our son but act like a clam when it comes to our daughters. The truth is they both need to hear from us dads often. Our kids hearing things from us as parents shouldn’t always just be a correction but should be encouragement and direction. We want our kids to be challenged and encouraged to chase their dreams, well within reason. As dads what do we say? I am here to help and give you 5 things Dads should say to our kids.


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These aren’t an end-all list, but this should get you started, then add to the list of things you want to say to your kids regularly.



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5 Things Dads should say to their Kids:



  • I am here for you.  



The world we leave in many people and kids feel abandoned or isolated. Re-assuring our kids that we are here for them is a big win. It helps the kids know that they can come to you and you are willing to hear them out. This doesn’t always mean you will agree with them, but at least they know you can be there and help them work through it.


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  • You are Great At ________ .


Think back to your childhood if you had good parents you probably can remember times that you were told you were great at a sport, or dance, or even school. As dads, we need to take notice and let our kids know we see the things they are good or great at. For younger kids maybe it’s your great at sharing or your great at coloring pictures. For older kids, you’re great at learning new things or your great at playing the guitar. We all want to know that we are good at something and others notice it. Help your kids know that you as a Dad notice it.


  • I love you!


Every kid wants to know that they are loved. Don’t save this for moments of great accomplishments but even at times of failure kids need to know that they are loved and cared for.  Those 3 words can make a kids day to remind them that you love them. Remember especially as parents how we model our love is how they will model love to others.


  • How can I help you?


This one is not only words but will require action. We forget at times that our kids need to be taught things like even dealing with things when they are upset or angry. As Dads, we need to be willing to not just offers words but action as well. Sometimes this can be as simple as asking and doing what they ask. Sometimes the how can I help you, will lead to a deeper conversation maybe about understanding relationships or just completing homework. Either way by asking these questions it models it is ok to need help and use it.


  • Don’t be afraid to take responsibility.


This one isn’t about just encouraging your child but helping them to grow up. If we always do everything for our kids then they will expect that of others. As dads and moms, we are meant to raise our kids up, not keep them as children. This means over time we must encourage them to take responsibility for things. This may start with their homework or chores, but once they realize the concept it will take them further in life. Responsibility means in public and in private, CS Lewis states “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” We must talk about the model and teach responsibility to our kids.



There you have five things dads should say to their kids often to help them along in their journey of life. Again this list is just a start. Think through things you did hear as a child or wish you had and make sure your kids hear those things from you. Who knows how it will help them to grow from kids to adults that can know they are believed in and trusted in to do the right thing.



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How can I be a better Father? 


Father and baby in jackets outside.

  • Be intentional about spending time one on one time with your kids.


  • Be present.

When you are home, be there, with them.  Play, read and spend time together.  Being present is the best thing you can do for your children.


  • Make use of meal times.

Talk, ask questions, tell stories and share your day with each other.


  • Listen

Sit and listen to your child talk about their day.  Let them share the ups and downs.


  • Laugh at yourself


  • Learn new things together


  • Admit you’re wrong when you are


  • Hugs and Kisses


  • Remember what you didn’t like as a child and commit to being different




About the Author: David writes at DadLifeLessons.com and is on Dad journey with 4 kids (currently under 10 years of age) and has an amazing wife. He writes about Dad Life, Funny Lessons, Money, Tech and even meals. If you want to follow along on social media you can on Twitter or Instagram.

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