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Get your toddler moving, releasing energy and learning all at the same time. 

Get a few minutes of peace.

Release Energy

Toddlers need movement-based, whole-body approach to learning. Toddlers need a way to release energy and learn at the same time.

No need for a lot of space

All activities can be done in a small space with minimal supplies. Everything can be done at home.


Implement Today

All activities you can start right away. 

Develop gross motor skills using a hula hoop.

I never knew how easy it could be to get your toddler moving in a small space.

When I had my first child, we lived in a basement. We were saving money to buy a house. The plan was to be out before he started crawling and walking. Things did not go according to plan. He was now mobile and had very little room to move. I needed to make use of the small space we had. I thought back to when I taught in a Special Education class in a tiny classroom to 8 kids. What did I do then to get the kids to move and learn?

I remembered I didn't need a huge space or tons of expensive toys to help those kids. I can do the same thing at home. One of my son's favorite activities was running around the table and counting. Every time he gave me high five we counted. This is how I taught my son to count. He didn't even know he was learning. He got to run and release energy, learn to count and I didn't have to pay for anything. It's a win- win!

Get dozens of activities to do with your little one at home right here! 🙂

FREE movement challenge

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