Mastering Toddler Tantrums

Know how to handle tantrums in a firm but positive way.

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Toddler Tantrum Workshop


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Join Rachel for a 90-minute intensive session to have a solid foundation on toddler tantrums. Request advice, guidance, and discuss concerns to get back to your best family life. We have the opportunity to use video to get to know each other a little better so you can ask specific questions for what is happening in your world. This is your opportunity to get coaching and help for a special group rate.

After the workshop, you will understand:

Receive specific guidance for your family and your child without ever leaving your home.

What triggers your child

The process your child has to go through before they can have connection or teaching

Why time-outs don't work

Make transitions easier

Actionable tips to do right away

How to set expectations

Printable Resources

Get your questions answered LIVE

Empowerment and mutual support.

If you can't make the live video you will get the recording.

You can send in questions before the event.


"I have to thank Rachel for helping my family on the potty training journey! With her support, guidance & coaching we have potty trained in 4 DAYS! With major transition on day TWO!!

Thank you, Rachel for being an amazing coach!"

Ashlee Angelus

Business Coach

"Thank you Rachel for helping us transition back to daycare after being home since March! We worked on a goodbye routine and spoke about how much fun we will have going back to school. Though she cried for a few minutes, the teachers said she did great and was talking up a storm the whole day! She even said “I can’t wait to see my friends!” Couldn’t have done it without you!"

Chandreyi Das-Chowdhury

Helping moms transition to motherhood

"Thank you so much for helping me through potty training my 2.5 year old! You were always quick to reply to my texts and you were very patient listening to me complain on the phone about how hard this was! I am so grateful."

Amanda W.

Hello, I’m Rachel the founder of Explore Kid Talk. I’m a General and Special Education teacher who specializes in toddlers through early childhood. I’m a mom to two boys. I’m a parenting coach.  I work with families of little ones.  I work on a process for firm but kind parenting in all situations.  We go through a process to have strategies and a plan for when things come up.  We work on the behavioral and developmental struggles happening in the home with little ones.

I help moms move away from being stressed and overwhelmed to being more connected with their kids and love parenting again. I love helping parents tweak some things to have a peaceful home life.

I will work alongside you to tailor a plan that works best for your family. Solutions will be effective and long-lasting.

If you have any questions please email me at


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