Parents are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed...?

I understand. You are not alone. Let's talk

Explore Toddler Parenting Membership

All the support, guidance, resources and no bashing.

Positive parenting solutions to end the cycles of fear and anger and love parenting again.

You will have access to an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group with live videos, resources, and a small, supportive community of parents who understand that parenting takes a village.

Are you ready to be more connected to your kids and have a peaceful home life?

This is not like any other membership.

What is special about this membership?

You are looking for support and guidance

You tried asking questions in Facebook groups only to get bombarded with answers that don't really help. Overwhelmed and don't

know where to begin. You tried searching for answers. You stay awake at night thinking how you can make tomorrow different.

Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, I will be there for individual monthly check-ins and group calls. This group of parents are here because everyone has concerns and things they are trying to work through. This is a supportive, safe space where bashing is not allowed.

As parents you are really busy

As parents of little ones your days are hectic, long and exhausting. You don't have time to go searching for answers every time you have a question. You want answers in one place from experts. This is your SOLUTION.

As parents your days are stressful and overwhelming

Sometimes you need emotional support. You need someone to listen to you, talk to, and support you.

Parenting has never looked like this

The pandemic has turned your life upside down. You are trying to navigate jobs and education now. You are looking for some educational resources to help your toddler and preschooler learn during this crazy time. Here you will get a monthly calendar with themes, crafts, activities and more to help your little one.

I can see you shaking your head yes.

Yes, I'm ready!

You don't have to figure it out by yourself

  • 1-30 min 1:1 call each month for a check-in
  • Live videos every week
  • Guest experts  
  • A resource library
  • Activities to help different areas of development
  • Best toys for different age groups
  • 1 group coaching call a month
  • Monthly themes with crafts and activities
  • A supportive community of parents who understand parenting takes a village.


"I have to thank Rachel for helping my family on the potty training journey! With her support, guidance & coaching we have potty trained in 4 DAYS! With major transition on day TWO!!

Thank you, Rachel for being an amazing coach!"

Ashlee Angelus

Business Coach

"Thank you Rachel for helping us transition back to daycare after being home since March! We worked on a goodbye routine and spoke about how much fun we will have going back to school. Though she cried for a few minutes, the teachers said she did great and was talking up a storm the whole day! She even said “I can’t wait to see my friends!” Couldn’t have done it without you!"

Chandreyi Das-Chowdhury

Helping moms transition to motherhood

"Thank you so much for helping me through potty training my 2.5 year old! You were always quick to reply to my texts and you were very patient listening to me complain on the phone about how hard this was! I am so grateful."

Amanda W.

Hello, I’m Rachel the founder of Explore Kid Talk. I’m a General and Special Education teacher who specializes in toddlers through early childhood. I’m a mom to two boys. Explore Kid Talk is a parent’s resource for children. This often includes activities, crafts, development and day to day with children. I’m here to help you get that much deserved minute of peace. Help your toddler and kids learn while building memories at the same time. Entertain your kids using everything you already have.

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