10 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for kids that anyone can make


Valentine’s Day will be here shortly.  If your toddler is at home or in preschool it’s a great time to make some crafts.  Valentine’s Day crafts are a great way to have fun making new things with your little one.  Valentine’s day isn’t just for the adults.  Share the love and the FUN with your kids!


I’ve put together ten easy crafts for kids to make for Valentine’s Day.  I choose to share these crafts with you because they are all simple to make without a lot of supplies (and so cute).  I’m sure you even have some of these supplies lying around the house.  Look at your craft supply shelf and see what you have. You and your child will love spending time together making these crafts.



Heart canvas- heart bingo- wood heart. Valentine Crafts for kids that anyone can make.

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Valentines Day is a day of romance and love, not only between you and your partner but your children too.  Parents love to give their spouse a gift and their children too.  TV’s Toy Box has wonderful gifts for your kids.  What I love is that they have any character you can think of and all items can be personalized.  Kids love to get things with their names on it.


These crafts all work on fine motor skills without you even realizing it.  For more activities to build fine motor skills sign up below.





10 Arts and Crafts for Valentines Day


  1. M&M Graphing


M & M shorting sheet for valentines day crafts for kids


  • M&M’s
  • Question Sheet
  • Graph Sheet
  • Pencil



Give each student a handful of M&M’s, the graph sheet and the question sheet.  Have your child put each M&M to match the color on the bottom.  Once they have finished they can then answer the question.  If you are using this for pre-school you can read the question to the class.  You can also do this with a small group if working with younger children.  If your child is a little older they can read it themselves.


This lesson teaches counting, colors, and most or least concepts.  Learning while eating  M &M’s is a great way to teach Math. Who doesn’t love M&M’s?


Grab your Valentine Graph and Questions here.



2. Tissue Paper Candle Jars


Tissue paper jar for a Valentine's day craft for kids






Have your child put glue on the paintbrush to paint the tissue paper onto the jar.  The result is a beautiful jar that you can put tea light candles in.



Print out your Valentine’s BINGO sheets here.  Kids will love playing BINGO with tokens or candy hearts.




Valentine’s Day Activities



3. Wrapped Valentine’s Jars


Wrapped jar with candy on the side for a valentines craft for kids



For complete instructions visit Three Different Directions



4. Wood Valentine Heart


Wood painted heart kids can make for Valentine's day.


For complete instructions visit Jinxy Kids. 




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5. No-sew Hear Pillow


Heart pillow Valentine craft for kids


For complete instruction visit Sweet and Simple Living



6. Tiger Valentine Card with Template


Tiger card kids can make for Valentine Crafts


For complete instructions and template visit Simple Everyday Mom.



7. Painted Rocks with Hearts


Valentine crafts for kids using painted rocks.


To learn how to paint your rocks like this visit Sustain my Craft Habit.






8. Fingerprint Heart with Poem


Easy heart canvas to use for Valentines crafts for kids


If you are interested in making these fingerprint hearts go over to Messy Little Monsters for the instructions.



9. Crystal Hearts


Crystal hearts for valentines crafts for kids


Making these crystal hearts is easier than it looks.  Go to That Kids Crafts Site to get full instructions.



10.  Tissue Paper Hearts


Tissue paper heart for a fun valentine's craft for kids


This tissue paper craft is simple to do.  For complete instructions visit Sweet and Simple Living.



11. Valentine’s Red Slime 


Red slime in a jar is an easy valentine's craft for kids to make.


Make this fun red slime over at Little Bins for Little Hands.





Which craft did you make this year?  Which is your favorite?  Comment below to share.



PS.  Don’t forget to download and print your Valentine’s BINGO sheets.  Play today!

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